On the Reno: Part 12

November 13, 2016 - 7:48 pm 2 Comments

Last week featured some photographs I’d taken on my mobile phone of the early days of renovating this very old miner’s cottage. I guess it was also a reminder to me to try to avoid a fairly pernicious and uncomfortable disease which seems to afflict many newcomers to the goldfields: E.R.F.

The symptoms of E.R.F., aka Extreme Renovation Fatigue, are headaches, glazed eyeballs, lack of sleep, and a bad attitude. This bad attitude can actually jeopardise all your past efforts, and therefore your future relationship with the key person/s in the continuing saga of your house: your builder and his or her close associates (aka the people who are doing all the hard bits in the restoring to life  of your very own, and therefore very valuable, piece of history).

So when s/he has just created the library/bedroom of your dreams, plus the study you’ve been hanging out for for a decade and asked you whether you want to work on the guest room next or to refurbish the back shed as the studio that is also on your wish list, and your bank balance seems to have disappeared with the finality of the alluvial gold on Ten Foot Hill, and you are too exhausted to  even think about the next step in your renovations, please don’t say, “I don’t bloody know! Can’t you see I’m sleep-deprived and feel more like the walking dead than the townsfolk from that  ABC television series, “Glitch.” Smile as sweetly as you can at your Angels of Mercy and offer them all a cup of tea.

And have one yourself, for God’s sake, AND STOP BITCHING! La via continua and it is good.

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  1. vicki Says:

    Time to rest and look back on what u started with and what u have now…..u have come a long way….hang in there all will fall into place soon…..u r doing an excellent job getting it all done… u lots and miss u xx vicki and kev xx

  2. cheryl Says:

    Thank you Vicki and Kev. The crazy thing is that I have found the most delightful—and competent—people so far in this process to work on the house. Only wish they had been here at the beginning and the whole thing would have been completed. But I’ve told myself, “no bitching”— by which I mean I can have no regrets.
    Anyway I miss you guys too. Lots of love xxxx

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