On the Reno: Part 6

October 9, 2016 - 9:35 pm 4 Comments

The leeks were amazing! Not just the largest I have ever seen, but succulent, sweet and the perfect foil to roast pork. Combined with the potatoes, also purchased from the Castlemaine Farmers’ Market last Sunday, which had a dense rather than floury texture, they made the perfect Leek and Potato Soup which is a staple in this household whenever good leeks may be had. I gave one of the 3 leeks I purchased for a mere $5.00, to a loved one who walked around the market with it lying in the crook of her arm as if she were carrying a baby. (This is where the image came to me of the leek being the size of a small person). Furthermore, I still have enough left over for another ambrosial soup. Which is very easy to make. Sometimes the best things are the simplest. If you would like a recipe for this dish, let me know by clicking on the red comments line at the top of the blog with your request and I would be happy to oblige you.

With all the rain we’ve been having, the garden has become wildly overgrown and full of weeds. I spent several sunny afternoons this week pulling out weeds and pruning bushes that have grown over the pathways through it. There was some linoleum that I didn’t throw away that has become a weed discourager. It was probably an idea that Bill Mollison, who died this week, had. One of his many brilliant ideas. Vale Bill. We renovators will miss you. I have a few rooms in the house that still have their old carpet because they haven’t yet been repainted. Instead of worrying about taking this to the local tip, I will be cutting it up and putting it into my garden.

Now, because a picture is worth a thousand words—or so they say—I will show you another room that is nearing completion.
This was one seen in an earlier “On the Reno” with its floor missing and one of its walls all but destroyed during the re-stumping process. It is the one with the wallpaper on it.20160915_reno_088520000101_reno_0955

The picture on the left is what this room looked like after the re-stumpers had gone. The one on the left is what it looks like now, though it is a work in progress, still.



4 Responses to “On the Reno: Part 6”

  1. Hollie Says:

    Wow! Looks fantastic Cheryl! Xx

  2. cheryl Says:

    Thanks Hollie, it’s definitely getting there. You may be seeing it at Christmas, I believe.

  3. Ruth Pettit Says:

    Hello Cheryl. Thank you for the. Christmas card, it was lovely to hear from you. I did send you a Christmas card but it was to your old address is Brisbane. It must be nice to be near your children again. We have Shaun living with us again now. He was living in Melbourne but got home sick and returned just before Christmas last year. It’s lovely to have him here.
    I am now a Nanna for the third time. Kirsten gave birth to another boy yesterday at 1.33pm.Zach is 4 years,9 months and ready to start prep next year. Jarod is 2 years, 5 months and ow we have little Elliott William. They are all lovely boys.
    The renovations are looking good. Sounds like you are doing a lot of hard work. Anyway I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and a great 2017. Look forward to keeping in touch. Ruth

  4. cheryl Says:

    Hi Ruth, great to hear from you. I did receive your Christmas card, thank you. Give Kirsten my love. How amazing that she is 3 times a mother! You must be very proud of her. Good having kids around, isn’t it? One of our friends from Brissy arrived yesterday for Christmas. He had been towed from Wangaratta where he had broken down. He and his dog arrived safely, however. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year beings you everything you want.

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