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On the Reno: Part 4

20000101_reno_0959Since I have hinted about the awfulness of the re-stumping process, I’ll show you a few pictures so that you can get an inkling of it. The one immediately below and the picture on the lower left of the page give you a glimpse of the tunnel which the re-stumpers filled in with rubble.

The basin was left in my garden as was much of the timber  which the re-stumpers claimed they had cut up for my fire. However, I had decided that having a fireplace and burning wood was not an environmentally friendly option and too labour intensive for me, so I had arranged for a new gas heater to replace the one in the house. When the re-stumpers left my garden was littered with cigarette butts, paper and polystyrene food wrappings and even food scraps. They did remove some of the wood in the pile (which was as tall as the back part of my house) but much was left behind for me to remove. I appreciate that re-stumping a house is not a pleasant job and I suppose this is partly why it is such an expensive project for the renovator, but I couldn’t help feeling that neither the house nor myself were treated very respectfully. Anyway, the horror of it is being erased as the renovations proceed. The first picture at the top of this page shows the back of the house and the kitchen area. On the Reno Part 3 contains a picture of the kitchen that has emerged thus far. (Just scroll down a little). I think you’ll agree that things are definitely looking up.





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  1. Have the Victorian builders not heard about skips. those big metal bins that come in multiple meter capacities? My infamous Aunty Flo had sayings for every cut and turn, this one deserves the ‘Don’t put it down. Put it away.’
    I am so proud of your prowess on this well loved house. I deserves you as an owner.

  2. Cheryl

    The re-stumpers did get a skip but it was so small it didn’t take anything like the amount of waste they’d made. I was more furious about the state of my up-till-then-lovely garden. How anyone could have desecrated that space the way they did, I still wonder. Perhaps they were making a statement or were so oblivious to the beauty around them I should feel sorry for them.

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