The Inaugural Sandcliffe Writers Festival.

September 2, 2013 - 9:57 pm 2 Comments

Congratulations to Sandgate Rick and Emma King from the Brighton Writers for  reading at the Open Microphone session of the inaugural Sandcliffe Writers Festival —and in fact, for all those other courageous souls who had never read their work in public before. You did extremely well. The festival  was such a success we are seriously considering presenting another in 2014. There are some excellent photographs which I’d like to share with you, and as soon as I have gone through them all I will post my favourites. These would include  portraits of some of the dancers from the spectacular Yulu Burri Ba Indigenous dance troupe, and snaps of the panelists who enlightened and entertained us. The panels presenting Aboriginal Men’s and Women’s stories gave us such diversity and wealth of anecdote and wisdom, I am astonished that schools have not tried to tap into the wellspring of the knowledge our Indigenous Elders carry around with them. Wake up Australia, learning to view the world through the eyes of another culture, many thousands of years older than our own, may just save us from environmental, and indeed, social disaster.

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  1. Emma King Says:

    The open mic night was an excellent experience for me. I was very nervous reading my own work in front of so many people, but I would do it again! There were some really great poems and stories which people shared, some were very humorous. I’m looking forward to next year’s festival!

    Thank you for the mention, Cheryl 🙂

    Emma King

  2. Cheryl Jorgensen Says:

    lThank you for attending and offering us your excellent poetry, Emma. Next year, then.

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