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June 3, 2013 - 2:12 pm No Comments

Hi everyone,

Hope to see you all tomorrow when we may have a few additions to our group.

Several writers have  suggested an exercise each month to get us all working on something. Now I know some of you are already working on a project, and that’s great.  This blog is just to remind you that Adele suggested writing a short short story of no more than a hundred words. The Bridport Prize, which has just closed for 2013, has a very short story category, only the limit is 250 words. So I’ll leave that for you to think about. If you have a bit of spare time,  you might like to have a go at producing a story in 250 words, or even a hundred. It’s harder than you think, but a good exercise because it can make you a more ruthless, and therefore usually a more effective, editor of your own work.

This month we should learn whether we have funding for our Writers’ Festival in Sandgate and Shorncliffe on Saturday, August 31, or not. Either way, we will go ahead with the one-day festival. The Sandgate library will be advertising the two seminars that the QWC will be presenting there on our behalf, very soon. So if you fancy a session on writing your own memoirs, or blogging, I suggest you book as soon as possible. Space is very limited. The rest of the program will require the funding, but if we don’t get it, we are still going ahead at the Events room of the Seaview Hotel in Shorncliffe. Under these circumstances, I may be prevailed upon to present a crime writing workshop or even one about writing creative nonfiction, and I have someone in mind for another workshop. The evening session where we read our own work or spin a yarn is open to everyone, so you might like to start preparing something that will knock our socks off on the night. We may even have a wandering poet to write some instant verse for our delectation. Just keep the evening free, for preparing and reading your own work is all part of the work of being a writer.  It will be an excellent experience for you  and it should be fun. . .so take advantage of it.

Oh, the other thing is that I’ve been told that we need a name for the  festival, for publicity purposes, and  have decided upon the Sandcliffe Writers’ Festival, which may sound a bit corny, but it will clearly locate the event in the minds of everyone from Brisbane. As we’re not expecting international or even interstate guests—with the possible exception of one very exciting proposition—it will do for now.

See you tomorrow at 10.00.

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