Tom Tiddler’s Ground

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Tom Tiddler’s Ground started as a kids’ game where the players take land and portable property from someone else. But in the 1970s, in Brisbane, some adults are playing it for real. Tony Ridgeway, head of a powerful corporation which buys up prime land on the coast and the Brisbane River, is hurting, having lost something valuable from his own portfolio. He employs notorious ex-cop, “Arsehole” Harris, to find it for him. Harris enlists the aid of feisty Sydney journalist, Karen Delaney, against her better judgement, for Karen is battling demons of her own. Their investigation uncovers a scam so shocking, the fate of not just the state of Queensland, but of the whole of Australia, hangs in the balance. Corrupt politicians, crooked cops and less-than-wholesome business leaders up the ante, until Harris and Delaney are fighting not only for what they hold dearest, but for their very lives. Tom Tiddler’s Ground was a runner-up in the National Book Prize in 1996.

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