Time’s Long Ruin by Stephen Orr

March 9, 2012 - 4:18 pm 2 Comments

Cheryl reviews ‘Time’s Long Ruin’ by Stephen Orr

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  1. Puddy Says:

    I am not a reader of crime stories and less of fiction however given the public interest in the disappearance of the children it may come about that by reading this book someone may remember a vital clue that would help solve the mystery. For that it may be worth a red. Puddy

  2. cheryl Says:

    Thank you Puddy. It is definitely worth a read. If you like Australian history it is very evocative of the period the author is writing about.
    The other thing this book does for me is this: it offers a kind of explanation of something we all fear—the disappearance of our children. Since the disappearance of the Beaumont has never been solved, it is a wound in the Australian consciousness which will not heal until we know what happened. Though this story is a fictionalised account of what happened, it seems feasible. Therefore the story itself takes on a mythic character.
    Best wishes,
    Cheryl Jorgensen

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