The Gatton Murders by Stephanie Bennett

March 9, 2012 - 4:09 pm 11 Comments

Cheryl reviews ‘The Gatton Murders’ by Stephanie Bennett

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  1. Cheryl Fagan Says:


    I would like you to know, before Stephanie Bennett wrote her book, I had started researching this story in 1998 and have been writing it since, which she knew about. Fortunately I have 3 distinct pieces of proof which will out weigh any other theories. The proof points to Thomas Day (Clarke’s butcher) without any doubt. The explosive evidence will link this historical mosiac and paint one controversial picture.

    Kindest regards
    Cheryl Fagan

  2. Lyle F Reed Says:

    Dear Cheryl,
    I also published a short stoy on the Gatton Murders ,Titled “As Plain As Day” in 2008,i would like to hear your theory.

    Lyle F Reed.

  3. cheryl Says:

    Hello Lyle,
    Yes, I’ve read your book, “As Plain as Day” and found it fascinating. The possibilities intrigue me, however, I kind of like Stephanie Bennett’s explanation because it has an authentic resonance for me. The violence and viciousness inflicted on the victims made it seem that it was a personal vendetta and could, in fact, have been carried out by more than one perpetrator.
    I wrote a short story “‘Unsolved’ Crimes,” based on the events of the Gatton murders, but purely as a fiction, as surmise, never claiming it to be the result of research.

  4. Neil Bradford Says:

    Is it possible that Cheryl Fagan and Cheryl Jorgensen are one and the same person as both have similar profiles and both, apparently, began researching the Gatton murders about the same time?

  5. cheryl Says:

    Sorry Neil,
    You definitely have the wrong sheila. Mind you, I like the other Cheryl’s surname!

  6. Steve Behnke Says:

    Good old Thomas Day the scapegoat and presented as the sole perpetrator again.
    A cover up at any level by those in authority at the time, that may have been directly or indirectly involved with the case will always remain an embarrassment to those responsible and probably many others that may have been involved.
    This case is destined to always remain a mystery to the uninformed and as the mystery man/woman that supplied the information presented on the following pages pointed out, could be very dangerous for the people involved in the exposure if identified.
    The levels of this particular cover up may prove to be Ginormous, The Vatican, The Qld Police Department, The Qld Government and maybe even the Federal Government.
    A scapegoat was needed and in my opinion found going by the name of Thomas Day.
    Anyone even remotely interested in this most mysterious case can gain access to my thoughts and evidence at most of it for FREE.
    The truth will set us all FREE.


  7. Cheryl Says:

    Steve, thanks for your contribution. It is indeed a fascinating case, made even more so by the passing of the years. Do you think solving this crime would endanger anyone from this point in time, however? It is over a hundred years since it was committed.
    It’s true Thomas Day is still the “favourite” possible perpetrator. I recall going many years ago to the military museum located in the historical barracks site in Brisbane near Petrie Terrace. There was the suggestion that Thomas Day as the fugitive perp may have stolen the identity of another, fallen, soldier, from the Second Boer War (1899-1902, or thereabouts) and returned to Australia with a new name and life to live out his days here. He was originally English, or Welsh, wasn’t he?
    Anyway, I would be extremely interested in any more you have to say on the case.
    Best wishes,

  8. Don Neumann Says:

    A quick perusal:
    Mesdames is the plural of madam (French) Mrs is the abbreviation of Missus (English)
    Hames strap: A strap used to secure the Hames which are metal frames on a horse collar. The traces are attaches to the hames
    Clarke’s slaughter house was at the edge of what is bow Freeman’s lake. The butcher shop was attached to the House,.

  9. cheryl Says:

    Thank you for that, Don.

  10. cheryl Says:

    Is your comment in relation to Cheryl Fagan’s research, Don? Has Cheryl had her book published yet? I would be very interested to read it.

  11. Steve Behnke Says:

    It is now almost 4 years since Cheryl Fagan made the statement that she has 3 distinct pieces of proof which will out weigh any other theories.
    Well Cheryl it is time to put up or shut up.
    If you indeed have such proof you would not need to write a book it would write itself.
    “Touch Not The Lord’s Annointed”


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