A Quality of Light

March 11, 2012 - 9:52 pm No Comments

An elderly fortune-teller, Vera Sculthorpe, works in city tearooms. When one of her regular customers is stalked by a young man, Vera has the misfortune of “seeing” his deeds before he commits them. Whom can she tell? In another part of Brisbane, police photographer, Senior Constable Kerry Harmer, attends an incident, possibly an accident or suicide. A strange clue appears in her investigations and someone she loves dearly is at risk. Having no taste for clerical work, bank teller Rod Norris prefers life’s little luxuries: silk underwear against his skin, high-heeled shoes that would have wowed them at Cloudlands, and smart young people who share his own impeccable fashion sense. He collects them all. Temperatures rise in River City high summer, tropical blossoms making the moist, night air heavy with their perfumes. And people go missing . . . This award-winning novel by Cheryl Jorgensen is in its third edition.

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